National Guacamole Day


I haven’t always been a fan of avocados, but one day I was & it was all because of guacamole. 

And honestly I’ve never turned back.

How could I?
They are creamy, gorgeous green goodness.


They are the sole reason for guacamole.

Well, avocados and those smart Aztecs who first made it.

Side note – the avocado was seens as a symbol of love by the Aztecs & I am all for that.

Did you know that?

Guacamole dates back to the 1500s when the Aztecs made it with avocados, tomato, and salt.

Honestly? I don’t really understand why we need it to be made any other way.

BUT. I’ll take a good variation with some onion, corn, and lime juice thrown in every now and then. Not going to lie about THAT.

And some jalapenos. Spice is life. (should I get that on a shirt?!)

Anywho. Guacamole’s journey basically when like this. Aztecs → Spaniards → Modern Americans.

Now 90% of our avocados (here in the US) are grown in good ‘ol California.


Pause. Take a moment and do what you can to help those suffering from the effects of the fires out there right now.


Two odd things I learned in my pursuit of learning about guacamole. 

  • Americans who watch the Super Bowl consume 53.5 million POUNDS of this guacamole stuff  on that day alone. Personally, I’ll skip the trash basket of the NFL and just eat the guacamole!
  • Those men who went on Apollo 11 didn’t go without. They brought some with. Guacamole has been to space! 


Now specifically about avocados:

  • It used to be called an alligator pear & honestly I totally get it. 

    Photo by Charles Deluvio
  • It’s not just full of monounsaturated fat (that’s the good stuff), but it’s also going to provide you with fiber, potassium, & vitamins A, B, C, E (not D, but if you eat it outside then bam you got yourself nearly the whole first part of the alphabet in vitamins!) The avo packs a powerful punch!
  • 50% of Americans eat it on a regular basis (I wonder what other food falls into this)
  • It can soothe sunburn and tone your skin.
  • The avo tree needs to have another avo tree close to it for successful reproduction. (cue googly heart eyes)


Maybe you learned something with me & maybe you didn’t.

Either way, I bet you want to go get you some guacamole now!

And you SHOULD! It’s National Guacamole Day.

It’s also Wine Wednesday, so try pairing your guac with a Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc.




It’s International Merlot Day

It’s International Merlot Day.

So, cheers to that!

Here’s what I’ve learned about Merlot so far:


I just realized something.
I actually had Merlot today. At at a lunch meeting.

It was delicious.

But I didn’t even cheers to it’s international day!


Anyways. Facts:

  • It used to be nicknamed “little (or young) blackbird”
  • Its origin is Bordeaux France
  • It’s the second most planted grape in the world
    • And the 3rd most prominently produced
    • And one of the most popular wines
  • Vintages prior to 1960 are scarce due to frost and rot that ruined vines
    • This also caused the French government to ban planting of Merlot grapes from approx 1970 to 1975
  • It has sibling grapes – Carmenere & Malbec

I love a South American Carmenere.

  • Synonyms for Merlot include semillon rouge – plant medoc – alicante – merle petite
  • It is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
  • It ages quite gracefully
  • It is the most planted grape in France

Fun Fact → One of the most coveted wines in the world is comprised of mostly merlot. It’s called Petrus. Check out these prices! I mean $21,000?!?

Merlot Taste

Blackberry – Plum – Chocolate – Cedar


In tannin – In alcohol – In acidity


Pork – Turkey – Root veggies – Stew

This is a great wine for thanksgiving.


More importantly, wine pairs great with pizza!

Nom, nom

Are you a Merlot drinker?

If so check out this & this & this.


Cheers to International Merlot Day!


How I Learned About The History Of Seattle & Why It Matters To Me

*Disclaimer* This is not meant to be a detailed historical blog about Seattle. I’m just sharing snippets of what I’ve learned & read. My thoughts… that provoke more thought.

I was listening to the podcast LORE, when I was opened up to the history of Seattle.

It struck me as interesting because:

1)  I had never heard this version – the truth 

2) the irony of such historical happenings is never lost on me.

Especially right now.

Immigration is such a giant (and important) topic.

So this peek into our history of this city, which came as no real surprise, struck me harder than usual.

We really do have NO right to claim any piece of this country – based on origin, right, etc.

It’s for everyone or no one at this point.

And the thing is. The history of Seattle is not a standalone piece of America’s history.

This has happened everywhere.

When you Google “history of Seattle”, you’ll be lucky to find the actual history in the first page of articles, websites.

It’s laughable.

(the kind of laugh that happens so you don’t cry or lose your mind)

I found myself having to intentionally dig.

So shout out out to LORE for equipping me with enough knowledge to go down the right path.

History Podcast


Main points.

Where Seattle stands was once “Little Crossing-Over Place” and was used by many to trail from the bay, the lake, and back.

On Puget Sound alone, there are approximately 10,000 proper names of places.

Today, 10,000 residents claim indigenous ancestry there.

You see….

The land surrounding Seattle wasn’t exactly up for grabs – surprise. It was already inhabited.


The Duwamish

The Muckleshoots.

The Suquamish.

And others.

Much like other parts of the countries history, that was totally cool at first.

Many of the tribes helped the early settlers.

They helped them make fields.

Taught them the benefits and how to use clam milk.

Guided them on building sustainable shelter.

The Natives helped them by selling game to them, cooking in their establishments, were lumbermen, etc.

Even mixed race unions were common.

The early settlers also originally fought federal efforts that were seeking to banish Natives to reservations.

But then. Well, settlers wanted more. They had used the Natives for what they needed.

The Northern Pacific Railroad was coming.

Natives were getting forced out.

As a way to adapt, many Natives began traveling into Seattle for employment.

In fields. Weaving & selling baskets, etc.

Do you think that earned them respect?

It did earn them the right to watch one of their cherished & respected totem poles be cut down and placed in a damn park tho.

Settlers literally stole, desecrated, and put it up for their own entertainment.

Then, in the 19th century Natives were banned from the city.

Don’t worry though, the city kept its name… which is literally named after Chief Seattle.

Chief Seattle

And if you think this is all over – think again.

During all of this “I’m literally going to take what isn’t mine because I want it” – said in my settlor voice – the Duwamish opposed the whole idea of a reservation.

(I mean, duh.)

And to this DAY (final decision made in 2015), they have been unsuccessful in obtaining federal tribal recognition.

This matters

But ya know.

Seattle still stands.

And apparently got its land and name from…. Thin air?!

All this to say.

It’s overwhelming to me that we aren’t taught the TRUE history of this country.

It’s overwhelming to me that this country came to be by sheer force and greed.

It’s overwhelming to me that, despite the above, citizens of this dark-historied country really think there is a leg to stand on when telling people from other countries that they can’t come & live here just because they want to.

Because THEY have no right to come live on our land and take our jobs.



Honestly. If you don’t see what’s ass-backwards with that, it’s simply because you’re choosing not to.

Blind ignorance has never looked good on anyone tho.

Remember that going forward.




Sources I learned from here & here  & here


Mega Millions. Indeed.

One person is the Mega Millions lottery winner.

One ticket.

$1.9 billion dollars.

Can you even imagine?

Silly question. Of course you can.

If you bought a ticket, that’s exactly what we’ve all been doing for the last few days.

I, personally, find so much joy in playing the lottery.

(Especially one called Mega Millions!)

Maybe that is partially due to my only engaging in the activity when it’s HUGE.

So It’s not like I invest much time or money in the whole shebang.

But, like right now, when I do, it’s So much fun imagining what it would be like to have your heart drop to your stomach when you read off the numbers on your little flimsy piece of paper and realize they match the ones on your screen.

A tiny, receipt of a piece of ‘trash’ essentially hold THE ticket to change your whole ass entire life.

Can you even imagine?!

What’s the first thing you would do?

Me? Personally. I’d send a mass text to anyone I talk to on a regular basis.

Scratch that. To my mom, aunt, sis and a few choice friends.

I’d be all “hey, I am now the owner of mega millions”

Then. I’d call and pay off my student loans (oh man, the relief that would bring me)

Anybody that EVER gave me money out of the kindness of their hearts when I was down – consider yourself a recipient of some cash.

Zae. We’re going to Paris so check your calendar to find out when the next school break is. Those cooking classes you’ve been asking for, they’re happening.

Then. I’d buy a house. In cash. CAN YOU IMAGINE NO HOUSE PAYMENT?!?

And you know this is coming. I’d invest in a state of the art wine cellar structure/set up. Because duh.

After that, I honestly see the only real “life change” is the LACK of stress that naturally attaches to everything in our worlds of adulting requiring funds. I’d spend with less anxiety and I’d be freer to invest, donate, and save.

I wouldn’t stop working.

I love what I do for Career Success.

I love being a wine ambassador.

And Beautycounter IS my jam.

Life would just be even lighter.

And that, that’s enough to get me to the gas station whenever the pot gets big.

It’s perfectly healthy to dream and imagine.

You know how I feel about manifesting the life you want to live.


Did you buy a Mega Millions ticket?

What did you imagine you’d do if those numbers hit?

A Day With Anxiety

I have been on edge lately.

And I know that’s my anxiety talking.

It feels like I can’t breath.

And when I pay attention to the fact that I can’t breathe, then I get itchy.

It feels like the million things I need to do are screaming at me.

It feels like failure.

Am I really failing at EVERYTHING?

It feels like every additional noise (outside of my head) is just too damn much.

Because what’s going on INSIDE my head is just fucking noisy.

It feels like, I got one thing done & I managed to do it well.

But… what about all this OTHER stuff?

I have to get up. I can’t stand to look at this list and my failure right now.

It feels like I will use a workout as a distraction (even though I don’t want to) but it is the best option I have.

It feels like, yes! A win!

That made me feel so much better.

It feels like I’m suffocating again.

Did I do something wrong? Did I miss a step in taking care of myself?
I’ve been trying so hard.

What did they say?

What did they mean?

How can they not understand I’m sensitive right now?

Whatever, I don’t care.

Fuck them if they don’t care about me.

Jesus. Get it together.

You are all over the place right now.


Calm down.

Fucking calming down.

You know how to handle this…


Hi. Anxiety.

Haven’t seen you in a bit? How are you?

You want to sit with me for awhile?

Listen, I know at first I don’t appreciate you. I know at first I ignore you.

I have my own patterns, and I will get better.

For now, why don’t you tell me what’s wrong? What are you feeling?

You always come along to teach me something.

So. I appreciate you.

You really do make me who I am.

Oh wait, you’re leaving?
Okay. Well.

*Deep breath*

See you next time.


I’ve been on the edge lately.


Sometimes the edge tho….

…sometimes the edge is bullshit.


Why I Think I’m Ready For A Uniform

I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and she mentioned she wanted to cater her closet to have a uniform for work. Like something simple, a button-down, cardigan and pants. It can alter color, whatever but just a simple go-to style. I liked the idea immediately, but what I didn’t anticipate was how this would actually stick with me going forward.

I literally have been rolling this idea around in my head for 4 days (as I write this) and I’m obsessed. I want to purge my closet & only keep a few things.

And then start over.

But. With a basic uniform in mind.   

Basic go-tos on what I wear while working from my home office.

Basic go-tos while I’m out walking dogs & exercising.

Basic go-tos while I’m working from coffee shops & doing drop offs.

Bacis go-tos when I’m going to client meetings.

Actually, I want the basics for working from my home office, working from coffee shops, doing drop offs, and going to client meetings to be the same.

Even simpler.

Guess work out – What I love (and makes me feel good) –  in.

Because if you find something that looks good AND works. Why wouldn’t you repeat it.

Plus I think it rings in some of what all the buzz is surrounding minimalism.

Let’s consider what we would be giving up, besides the obvious – a closet full of various styles shirts, pants, etc.

  • Stress. I’m sure the degree of stress here does vary from person-to-person, but there is a certain level of stress in all of us that swells up when we flip through the (way too) numerous hangers full of clothes trying to decide what to wear. And even when we find one piece, then… depending on what you’re going for, there may be 3 pairing pieces to find!
  • Time. Time saved, that is. You grab and go.
  • Mental space. When you get dressed you go can through a to-do list in your head or give yourself a pep talk. Think about it. There is literally nothing you need to spend mental energy on when you already know exactly what you’re going to wear.

Are there other perceived benefits? Of course:

  • You can easily fit this type of wardrobe into any budget.
  • Find what works for you & looks good on you and bam. Always look good and feel good.
  • If you’re any type of entrepreneur, you can easily (visually) enhance your brand.
  • So, so many icons and successful people have already adopted this mindset.
  • F*ck societal and peer pressures. Once you break free, I bet you won’t miss it/them.

I mean, obviously, I’m going to keep a few fun pieces… because, duh. Sometimes a person has to just throw caution to the wind.

But. I think I’m seriously going to go for this.

It’s terrifying, but I think the only way to start AND commit is to purge the closet. Donate the clothes.

Then. Build.

Eeek! I’m excited and scared.

Here we go!